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Cycling [Sep. 3rd, 2005|09:00 pm]
Nile for a Smile


Tomorrow morning at 6 am {first proper light} I will leave Alexandria to begin the 2 day trek back to Cairo.

I checked out the route to the desert road to Cairo this morning {which took me 2 hours of roaming in circles about Alexandria, which shows that it pays to plan ahead - had I been making the trip today I would not have actually left Alexandria until 8 am. I want to have over half my days cycling done before the hot part of the day. Then I will make a call on the spot and either chill out at a service stop for a few hours until later in the day (it starts getting dark about 7, so I could get in a good few hours late afternoon), or keep goaing for the Hotel at the midpoint.

If it comes to it, I have a tent and sleeping bag and can camp out like Chris and his friend did when they passed this way a few years back. This will be the longest single day's cycling at arround 95 miles to the hotel, but I have covered similar distances in the UK.

Right - early start tomorrow so I'll go and get my bike packed and my head down.