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Over There and Back Again - Nile for a Smile [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nile for a Smile

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Over There and Back Again [Aug. 17th, 2005|11:33 am]
Nile for a Smile


I made the main road out of Luxor by 7 am and, slightly slower than usual progress towards the Edfu, only a bit over 75 miles south as I was cycling against a slight breeze from the Nile.

It was nothing concerning and added an hour to my estimated arrival time.

Birds sang, small children waved and some bloody minded policeman at a checkpoint almost 20 miles out from Luxor said I needed an escort from Luxor if I wanted to cycle to Edfu and I would have to cycle back. "The roads are too dangerous for cyclists, big lorries"

The roads were utterly empty, save for the occasional mini bus or donkey cart, and pointing out at almost 40 miles to and from his checkpoint, in terms of distance, it would be only another 35 in total for me to reach my destination at Edfu.

Sadly he was of the 'Policy Enforcing' rather than 'Policy Making' molds, so here I am back at Luxor.

It's too hot to start cycling now anyway.

I've chatted with the police back at Luxor and they have offered to either try and put me on a tourist coach for Edfu today or let me cycle tomorrow (radioing ahead to let the bureaucratic idiot in question let me pass (he refused to radio the main station at Luxor himself saying there was nopoint).

It would be purer to spend another night in Luxor and begin cycling afresh tomorrow, the original visions of my arrival at the Temple of Horous did not include a tourist coach.

Other the other hand, losing an entire day for the sake of 40 km seems poxy and 3 nights in Luxor has been enough), so the coach is tempting. And then just go on a cycling day trip south of Aswan to make up the distance.

Ah, who am I kidding? I know my own nature well enough to know that there is no serious debate.